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In heaven there won’t be any mosquitoes!

I live in Minnesota, a state as famous for its mosquitoes as for the 10,000 lakes which breed them.  It’s also a state with a short, 12-week summer.  We spend the long winter dreaming about the brief time we can be outside, and it seems unfair that mosquitoes have to be part of the bargain.  But with the mosquitoes comes grilling, lightning bugs, kids building forts, and the sound of sprinklers and bullfrogs.  We Minnesotans own the next 90 days…there’s no place on the planet better to be than here.  Then we’ll turn it back over to places farther south.  In the meantime, the mosquitoes are worth it.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”  —Attributed to Philo of Alexandria