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What in the world is “culturomics”?

Researchers have started mining the 15 million books that Google is in the process of digitizing, using a sophisticated new research tool: culturomics. They have analyzed a sample of 5,195,769 books (to be exact) and found some interesting trends:

*Women are now more popular than men.

* Sigmund Freud is more famous than Einstein, Galileo and Darwin put together.

* During the last 3 quarters of the 19th century, mentions of God fell to a third of their former level; God has been holding steady ever since.

More facts can be found in the online article – “God’s Popularity Dipped but Now Holding Steady” – by Robert M. Thorson, a professor of geology at the University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

“Where is all the knowledge we lost with information?”  –T.S. Eliot