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Are there dogs in heaven?

Today was a sad day in the McCleary house – we lost our 13-year-old golden retriever “Goldie” today. The girls made her cards to send with their dad to the vet. She was a wonderful, loving companion.

Why are dogs so special? It’s an amazing evolutionary quirk that wolves became domesticated and “man’s best friend”. Dogs perform valuable work for us, but they are so much more than that. They are our friends and part of our families. Dogs’ special gift is unconditional love. We don’t even have to be particularly lovable for them to offer us that gift. Unconditional love is such an overwhelming, amazing, powerful thing. If as we have been told heaven is full of love, does that mean there will be dogs in heaven?  I have no idea, but I sure hope so.

Goodbye Goldie.  You were wonderful – we love you, and we will miss you.