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Who knew books have interior designs?

The editing stage of the book is complete!  I’m now in the middle of design…the cover is on the “About the Book” tab and working on “interior design”. That includes everything from font type and size to paper color (there are more choices than ‘white’!). I had no idea how many decisions go into creating every single book that gets published. It’s like building a house (what light fixture? what faucets?). The scary part – the marketing plan – is next. Once design is done the book goes to the proofreader for final spelling and grammar checks, and then off to the printer! Books should finally be available early September, exactly 3 1/2 years after I started this journey. I’ve often been grateful we don’t have the power to see the future. I suspect if we did, most of our endeavors would never get started if we knew what was ahead of us. But in spite of the work (and the fear), I have learned much from writing this book and my life has been enriched. I have faith that each new step of the journey will provide more of the same.

“Little by little one walks far.”  –Peruvian proverb