About the Author

Kelly J. McCleary has a BBA and MBA in finance from her hometown Wichita State University, and is a financial executive in northwest Arkansas. Kelly serves on the board of Habitat for Humanity of Benton County. Raised to believe in God though not within a church home, Kelly has belonged on and off to five different church denominations, though the pacifist Mennonite church of her heritage feels most like home.  Struggling to accept doctrines in some churches that proclaim a one and only truth, Kelly believes that while we are all destined to seek meaning—for something bigger than us—we must remain open-minded in the realization that each of us can only find the truth for ourselves. She and her high school sweetheart Russ have been married for nearly three decades and are the parents of three children, including their son and two Chinese-born daughters. The Best Possible World:  A Search for the Nature of Heaven is Kelly’s first book.


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