About Hope

Proceeds from sales of The Best Possible World will benefit organizations that help orphans, including Hope Foster Home which provided care for our youngest daughter.

Hope Foster Home is run by Dr. Joyce Hill and her husband Robin.  They have a vision to help the local Chinese Children’s Welfare Institutes in the work that they do, caring for abandoned babies. The Hills do this by providing care and medical treatment for babies with surgically correctable deformities. These babies are looked after in their own home and are treated as if they were their own children.

In February 2000, the Hills first opened their home to children, in a small village southeast of Beijing. This was done in conjunction with the Beijing Children’s Welfare Institute and the help of many supporters.  The Hills have now built a new home in the northeast of Beijing using the same model as the first. This home accommodates 56 babies as well as being the center for babies to be fostered into local homes in the surrounding area. From this home they also manage several other special care units in China.

Their vision is to meet the  specific needs of very young babies either at risk or in need of surgery that would not otherwise be available to them.  “To comfort always, to relieve often, and to save sometimes.”


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