This weekend marks the second graduation for our three kids; one more left four years from now. This graduation was a particularly profound accomplishment, which for much of the past three years was far from certain. But she did it, overcoming odds stacked against her…I couldn’t be more proud.

Following that middle-of-the-night race to Little Rock several July’s ago, her biggest concern was catching up for marching band practice. But within two weeks, only Megan was worrying about school:  her diagnosis and the shock of chemo and possible bone marrow transplant drowned out everything else for her dad and I. The morning of our anniversary, the doctor reassuringly (he thought) told us he was pleased she’d made it through the night, as they prepared to transfer her back to ICU. School and grades no longer mattered.

Fast forward to today. Through two hip replacements, two knee surgeries, wheelchair confinement, PT, countless doctor appointments, and constant pain, she graduated on time and with a GPA to be proud of. I couldn’t be prouder. She’s my  brave, strong, amazing daughter. She’s my hero.

“One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is my daughter.”  –Ace Frehley


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