She wormed her way into our hearts, this slightly strange, senior citizen rescue dog. Like no other dog we’d ever known, she behaved just like a dog raised by a fellow senior who lived alone would. She was quiet and unassuming, never causing a moment’s trouble. She didn’t seek out attention, but would sigh deeply when you hugged her. She wasn’t exceptional, except for the special place she held in our family.

Lady became an orphan around the time Megan became critically ill. Her owner–the aunt of the wife of a former colleague (the thinnest of threads, when you think about it)–had passed away, leaving her shuttled between family members looking for someone who could take her permanently. That’s where Facebook kicked in. Her picture melted our hearts, in spite of the turmoil we were going through. At the first sign of stability on our end, we pulled the trigger–she was ours. We had no idea what we’d done.

What we learned was that she was desperately needed. She was needed, by a fellow former orphan and her family who were still healing. She was needed, to show us what it is to love and accept someone very different, just because that’s who they are. She was needed, to show us that taking a leap of faith to give, even in the middle of chaos and uncertainty, turns out wonderfully. She was needed to prove that love always wins, when you allow love to lead.

We told her goodbye today; it was one of the most difficult things I’ve done. She was only with us for two years, but she left a permanent mark. You were a good girl, my sweet Lady…good girl.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”  –George Sand


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One response to “Needed

  • Soul Pinions

    God bless you and your family during this difficult goodbye. It always amazes me how souls find each other at just the right time in life…goldens are a special kind of wonderful and I’m sure you brought as much joy to her life as she did to yours. Safe travels across the rainbow bridge


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