I’ve been fighting the motion sensor light in the women’s restroom at my new company since I started. It’s always the same:  it’s dark as I walk in, so I hit the switch just as the light flips on, immediately flipping it back off. By then I’ve usually advanced a few steps and must backtrack to hit it back on. (And yes, I’ve been giving it a little slap in frustration). Then recently on my way in, I was deep in thought over something, so much that I didn’t notice the pitch blackness when I walked in. And something amazing happened:  the darn thing kicked on by itself as it sensed my movement, just as it was supposed to. Wow. For two months, every workday, I’ve been fighting that stupid light multiple times a day, only to find out that it was me all along. I’d been too impatient to wait for it to kick on. Every day for two months. Since then, I’ve noticed that it works pretty much every time. I’m finally trained.

It struck me with this experience, and not for the first time, how impatient, how always in a hurry I’ve always been. I’ve never understood why, it’s just always been part of who I am. I’m always barely in time for everything, trying to cram more productivity into every few minutes. I’ve always taken a lot on. I struggle to relax. I had thought I had gotten better over the last few years, finding more moderation and working far less. But here was a tangible reminder that I may not have progressed as much as I’d hoped. I now get this reminder to slow down and be patient several times a day, every day I’m at work. It makes me smile a little now to wait for the light to click on by itself. Except when it still doesn’t. Dang, that makes me impatient.

“When someone says they’re impatient and ‘I haven’t got all day’, I always wonder, How can that be? How can you not have all day?”  –George Carlin


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