I hate goodbyes. I’ve tried making myself feel better by spouting the nonsense about every ending also being a beginning, but let’s be honest:  they’re also endings, and endings stink.

Endings are times of reflection, when what we really care about is brought into stark relief, especially if it won’t continue through the beginning. I’m changing jobs and companies (again), and I’m faced (again) with leaving behind some wonderful people. Luckily this time I’m not moving, so it will be easier to maintain these friendships. But we can no longer grab coffee between meetings; I will have to put more effort into what had been too easy before. I’ve been through this enough times to know that not all of these relationships will survive our good intentions.

I’ve also learned by now that, while sad, this is ok. These wonderful people made a difference in my life when I needed them. They listened, made me laugh, let me cry. And when I unexpectedly think of them, even years later, I will smile again. If I am really lucky, their memory of me will do the same. Yes, it is ok; that is enough. In fact, it is everything.

“Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry.”  –Dr. Seuss


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