Open Letter to the Lu Family

Dear Lu Family,

As always, I’m hoping this finds you happy, healthy, and prosperous. I apologize for the lateness of my letter. During my visit to your home all those years ago to pick up our new daughter, you asked me to send you a picture of her every year on her birthday. I missed last year, and I need to share with you why.

Last summer, our Megan fell gravely ill. She is recovering now, but it was very serious. A common virus triggered a very rare immune disease called HLH. It is fatal if not diagnosed quickly and treated aggressively.  Given how rare it is, it took several months of her getting sicker before specialists finally discovered what it was, just barely in time. HLH is not cancer, but the only treatment for it is cancer treatment. It was very hard as her mother to watch her go through that, but you’d have been so proud of her. She displayed a grace and maturity throughout the ordeal that left me in awe. She never complained and found a way to find the good in every situation, making her a favorite of her nurses. She grew up a lot through the course of her treatment, telling us she now knows what’s important in life. She has always been very special, but she is now also wiser.

Thankfully, she is now in remission and getting stronger every day. We are so grateful. Even the highly trained specialists who had seen this disease before still took many weeks to diagnose this elusive illness, something that happens too often with tragic results. We are certain had she still been in China, she would not have survived. God clearly has a purpose for her life.

I’m enclosing a picture of our beautiful daughter so you can see how strong she is to have survived. We love her so much and remain beyond grateful for the care you gave her, which has allowed her to be here with us. Wishing the Lu family health, prosperity, and happiness from the ever thankful McCleary family.



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