Our family is celebrating a miracle this Christmas: our beloved daughter’s beat-the-odds recovery from a rare and life-threatening blood disorder. This is sure a good one to have as my first miracle.

When I think about where we were three months ago, where we are today is truly unbelievable. Three months ago, Megan was undergoing chemo. Three months ago, she was in the hospital, immune compromised and being treated for an unidentified fever. Three months ago, her oncologists recommended a bone marrow transplant, after her disease markers began shooting back up. We started mentally and physically preparing to spend the next six months, including this Christmas, in Cincinnati. Now…suddenly…we’re home and together, and for the moment, transplant is off the table.

Her recovery is truly a miracle, as only ~10% of HLH patients avoid transplant. It’s a miracle because even though they told her that she would, she didn’t lose all of her hair. It’s a miracle because I know that not all parents of HLH children leave the hospital with their child, the only thing which mars my otherwise overwhelming joy. At one point, we knew that over a thousand people were praying for her: family, friends, strangers, church groups, members of our new Histio support family. People of many religions on multiple continents were all praying for one 15-year old girl, born on the other side of the world from the family and community who have adopted her with our whole hearts. This one child brought together so many, all unified toward a single purpose. But that shouldn’t surprise me. After all, we’ve heard that story before. It is the true miracle of this season.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” –Albert Einstein


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