“Fun Ride”

chris rosati

This will be one of my shortest blogs–because I’m tearing up as I write it, and because there’s little I can add to this story–it speaks for itself. I’d like to introduce you to Chris Rosati, perhaps the most inspirational human being I’ve ever known. Mr. Rosati, 42-year old father of two, has ALS. What he’s doing with his time left is what’s inspirational. Mr. Rosati has decided, in spite of his condition, to impact the lives of others. He believes he has found an amazing secret–the secret of happiness–even as he knows he’s going to die. “I am happy,” he said. “Once you reach acceptance, it is a fun ride.” Wow, a fun ride. I have nothing to add to that. Listen to Mr. Rosati’s story here to be inspired, and then notice…really notice…the little things in your background. And be happy.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”  –Omar Khayyam


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