The Greatest Quality


Of all of the questions on Matador’s 20 Questions for the Spiritual Seeker, I found the 15th by far the easiest to answer:  what is the greatest quality humans possess? Disney’s Merlin in The Sword In The Stone summarized the answer perfectly for me when he called love the most powerful force in the universe. I agree. The answer to Question 16, what prevents people from living to their fullest potential, is love’s flipside–fear. We do all kinds of wrong things when we are afraid: afraid of rejection, afraid of being alone, afraid of not being loved.

Love is the only thing that makes life bearable. For a moment, think about what your life would have been like without love. How many of your best memories would vanish without love? How good a replacement would material success be for those moments, even that which you’ve most coveted?

The wonderful reality is that every one of us has it in us to give this gift to others. No matter our talents or gifts, we all possess the ability to lift others, usually multiple times every single day. Yes, love is what we feel for our families and friends. But it’s also smiling at the harried store clerk or a handwritten note of thanks to someone who’s made even a small difference in your life. It’s in the time you spend volunteering to help others. Love is limited only by our imaginations. And its magic is it’s one of the few gifts you can give that gives back. I think I’ll go see how much I can get in return today.

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” –Victor Hugo


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