Six Days

I just did the math, and I spend six 24-hour days a year on the treadmill. Six days. The worst part is I hate every single minute. After PE ended in high school, I didn’t exercise until I approached my 40th birthday. I didn’t eat right or sleep regularly either. Only looking back do I realize the impact on how I felt.

I’d started exercising many times before, but never stuck with it. Only a major health scare, and more impactfully, watching a close family member’s health rapidly deteriorate, made it stick. I’m still surprised it did, since I still dread it every day. But this time I’ve been doing it long enough to know how much difference it makes in how I feel–I’ll never go back.

I’ve learned to multitask while on the treadmill. I catch up on email and social media, read, and even write (fittingly, this was written there). That’s six days of “me time” activities that likely wouldn’t happen otherwise–that’s huge. I’m less stressed. Others get my best more often. I’m happier and like myself better. I’d say all of that is a good return on my six day investment.

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” –William Shakespeare


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