The Angle of the Sun

Have you ever noticed the angle of the sun? Of course we all have at some point, but have you ever noticed when it just wasn’t right? I spent most of my life in Kansas before moving to Minnesota for the better part of a decade. While I had never really payed much attention to this astronomical phenomenon, it was one of the more striking differences of the northern climate. I’d expected the weather change, but I hadn’t expected the light that the sun casts to look wrong. Spring and fall seemed pretty normal, but the extremes of summer and winter were never right.

We’re in Arkansas now, close to a pattern more normal to us. But newly sensitized, I sense the subtle differences even here. It’s a euphemism for change and adjustment. I’ve lived in 15 houses and three states in the course of my life. I went to three different schools growing up, and my career has spanned three different companies. I guess I’m used to change. I was asked once how I learn so quickly–I’ve just started over a lot of times. I drove many of the changes, so I must like them. This one has been good. But the sun’s still not quite right…

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, for everything you gain, you have lost something else.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


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