Changing The World

My coauthor and I have set a straightforward objective for the book we’re working on:  we want to change the world, or at least the tiny corner we touch. While I know that sounds audacious, I’ve decided as I reach the midpoint of my life that it is indeed possible for one person to change the world by having a positive impact on another person. I have numerous examples from my own life.

My late grandmother was the one constant example of faith in my childhood. She planted the seeds of my own faith journey which occurred decades later. An executive’s kind challenge set me on a journey of mentoring. These relationship have greatly enriched my life, leading to unlikely friendships, some of which have lasted years. A good friend taught me a critical life lesson during a personal crisis about how important it is, even for someone as independent as I am, to accept help. She taught me that accepting assistance is a gift you give to those who care about you, by allowing them to show you how much they care. And a coworker’s own journey adopting her daughters from China eventually led to us bringing our own two daughters home from the other side of the world. My girls are living proof, many times over, that a single individual can alter the course of another’s life.

I read in last month’s National Geographic that scientists increasingly believe in an alterable universe, and that the simple act of rolling a pencil across your desk today has a (slim) chance of significantly altering Jupiter’s orbit billions of years from now. If we as individuals have the potential ability to impact the second-largest heavenly body in our solar system, how much more ability do we have to positively impact the life of those much closer to us? I’m going to try waking up every day asking myself who I can be there for today. Let’s go change the world, one person at a time.

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”  –Jackie Robinson


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