I’m getting older. I like to think I don’t really look like it, but it’s true just the same. Russ and I have had a recent series of medical issues; luckily nothing serious, just enough to make us feel old. I even found myself at a cardiologist’s office, getting an EKG, a stress test, and wearing a heart monitor for a couple of days. At least I was the youngest patient in the waiting room, but still… Thankfully it’s nothing serious, but this is how it all starts, isn’t it?

I should have seen this coming; we’re no longer spring chickens. One child is out of the nest, and the girls aren’t little anymore. They both even have boyfriends. Of course with Claire at only nine, we’re not exactly worried about wedding bells. I’ve said before that I’m finding compensation for getting older, at least so far. My late father-in-law once said that fifty is the best age. Of course, he was 70 when he said it, but I now know what he meant. You’re old enough to be wiser, but not too old to not feel young. Years ago I remember reading that from the moment we’re born, our bodies begin the process of dying. At the time, I thought that was a pessimistic point of view. I still do, but it’s also true. So I use that truth to remind me that what’s important is what I do in the meantime. What should I do today? Today, I will not act as old as I feel. Today, I will try to do one good deed. Today, I will try to be there for one person. Today, I will not be old.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”  –Satchel Paige


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