No Coincidence

I don’t believe in coincidences. Some of them are simply too amazing to write off to random chance. What are the odds, in my first week after moving to Arkansas, of meeting someone who worked in the same orphanage on the outskirts of Beijing where our youngest daughter was being cared for, at the same time she was there? As it turned out, that was just one of several uncanny things we had in common. People say it’s a small world, but that’s ridiculous. As it turned out, this new friend helped me significantly through the transition, lending a sympathetic ear as I left all of my “sanity friends” behind. I’m very grateful.

I guess I have a hard time believing in coincidences because of how often just the right person has been there in my life when I needed them. The most important example is my best friend and husband of 28 years. Incredibly, my soul mate’s family moved to the same small Kansas farm town my own family moved to at about the same time. Neither of those moves was supposed to happen. We had been planning an out of state move instead, and Russ’ family had suffered a tragic loss they needed to move beyond. Even how we met required intervention. Though our town was small, as a middle class, brainiac nerd, I didn’t run in the same circles as the popular, skinny kid from the trailer park who could sure throw a football. If one of his friends hadn’t taken a liking to my sister, my life might have been very different (we owe you big, Curtis). The skinny kid was sure cute, and older too – he was 17. He couldn’t possibly like me, the mousy girl with glasses, could he? But he did, and he rescued me. He says I did the same.

There are so many others, from friends who’ve alternated between being the meat and the dessert of my life, sometimes sustaining me through difficult times, and other times simply making life way more fun, to bosses and employees who told me what I needed to hear so I could become a better leader and coworker. I’m so very grateful for what you’ve all meant in my life. And I can’t believe you were part of it by accident.

“There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.”  –Napoleon Bonaparte


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