Back, Yet In A Different Place

It has been two months since I wrote a blog entry; quite a lot has happened since then. I changed jobs after 14 years with a great company and relocated the family 700 miles away. The last two months have definitely been a period of reflection. How do you decide to leave your friends and 14 years of loyalty and connection? How do you help your children accept leaving familiarity behind and believe that they will be stronger for it eventually? Where, and what, is home? We know we have made the right decision for our family, but that doesn’t make the adjustment much easier. Most people don’t like change much, and yet as a species we’re incredibly adaptable. I was always amazed in my travels at the diversity of ways of life I saw across the globe, and I never even visited those societies who still live much the same as their ancestors did centuries ago. I suppose, then, that our family will eventually thrive in the move from Minnesota to Arkansas. The people are friendly here, and traffic is much better. In three weeks, more of my neighbors have already spoken to me than in the six years in the old neighborhood. I feel safe leaving our house unlocked when I walk my daughters down the street to the bus stop. We will make new friends, find a new doctor and hairdresser, and create new memories together in our new house. In short, we will be together as a family, and this will be home. And that will be good.

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”  –Maya Angelou


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