What is Beauty?

A recent entry in Anthony Weber’s blog ‘Learning to Jump’ hooks you with an adorable picture of an ugly dog.  Dogs are somehow one of the few creatures that we allow to be simultaneously ugly and cute.  We place much importance on beauty in our cultures, elevating those who meet our high standards.  Women and men spend significant time and money trying to enhance their appearance.  Beauty is universal, though definitions of beauty differ slightly across cultures.  We talk about inner beauty, but so often it’s outer beauty that is emphasized.  As Weber points out, beauty is not a proxy for perfection.  Beauty fades; things of real importance do not—love, loyalty, friendship.  Those of us who have been married awhile could argue that those imperfections even become endearing.  Wrinkles demonstrate we endured together.  That is beautiful.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”  –Confucius


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