Looking for God? There’s an App for That!

It was inevitable.  A group called Reasonable Faith has created an app by the same name for the iPhone which attempts to answer people’s questions about God.  The app is free, and an Android version will be available this spring.  As I wrote and published my book about looking for God, I have learned there are many seekers out there.  I shouldn’t have been surprised; I assume most people ask the same “what’s it all about” questions at some point.  I have always been a bit jealous of those who have always seemed so sure.  While I have always believed in God, or at least always wanted to, I have always wanted proof.  I have learned I am not alone in that.  However, what I have also learned is that us seekers are not terribly organized.  It is easy to find groups, conferences, and blogs for those who have their minds made up either way.  While their views can be thought-provoking and helpful in my own search, too often they also either shout at me or try to sell me on their belief.  American culture has increasingly become polarized, with too many seeing only “right” and “wrong” (with “right” being their view of course).  I have just begun to find the quiet pockets of people who want to engage in a dialogue on faith, who are open-minded and enlisting others views to help in their journey.  I have to believe there are millions of us out there, nearly-silent.  Maybe it is time for us to speak up, to organize, to show the others like us that it is ok to still be asking questions.  We just might have more impact than those who are shouting.

“Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.”  –Napoleon Bonaparte


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