Being Thankful When…

One of the barriers to belief for many is suffering.  How can there be a God who allows the innocent to suffer, from sickness, disaster, or violence?  The Rev. Mark D. Roberts addresses this about as well as anyone I’ve seen in a recent blog article.  He reminds us about the importance of maintaining a view of the big picture when we are going through challenges in life, that when we have times of difficulties, we must also remember the blessings we have had.  Have you ever taken something or someone for granted, only to learn later when they are gone how special they were?   It is easy to wish that God had created a perfect world for us to live in.  But a utopian existence would make being truly thankful for our blessings more difficult.  An easy life would make personal growth unlikely.  Our challenge with keeping a big picture view is that we cannot see all of that big picture.  We seem capable only of comprehending fuzzy ideas, open to individual interpretation or even outright disbelief.  We are all left with a choice as to whether we will believe, whether we will be thankful when the inevitable challenges come.  I regularly pray for the courage to do so.

“No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life.  Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.”  –Unknown


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