Politics and Religion

Jon Huntsman, the Republican candidate for president from Utah, recently tweeted that he believed in evolution and global warming, leading some bloggers to call for candidates to be asked “Do you believe in science?”. With two Mormons and several evangelicals in the 2012 race (and Obama unable to fully shake the false claim that he is Muslim), much press has been given to whether the religion of our presidential candidates should matter. On one hand, I don’t believe it should. This is America after all, and we are entitled to our own personal beliefs. Personally I hope that candidates do hold to a strong faith, even if different from my own. On the other hand, what concerns me is when a candidate believes their different faith is the only right view and should be imposed on me. The more important question isn’t whether a candidate is religious, but whether they are open-minded. Which isn’t far from the bloggers original question of whether a candidate believes in science, since science and religion do not have to be mutually exclusive. A request to our media: please focus your questions and coverage on whether candidates believe they already have the truth, or whether they are willing to listen and be open to others’ views. That would be valuable media coverage to me.

“People are very open-minded about new things — as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.”  –Charles F. Kettering


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2 responses to “Politics and Religion

  • informationforager

    I like your post. Very Good. Yes, they should be asked if they have the exclusive truth, they should be asked if they can learn things from other religions, and yes, they should be asked if they disrepute all science or just evolution and climate change.

    I say all the time our greatest connection is self to God, our greatest values are practiced in our community, and truth transcends religion, politics, and boundaries.



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