Several recent health events of friends and family have me thinking.  Health is one of those things—like freedom, a clean environment, or love—that is easy to take for granted until it is absent.  Health issues test us.  Those who suffer from chronic conditions must use significant energy to avoid becoming internally focused.  Others with serious health conditions face their own mortality.  It bothered my late grandmother greatly to purchase her own cemetery plot; she dreaded death.  That made me sad, as I view death as our last great adventure.  I have become convinced life is not supposed to be easy.  If it were, we would be complacent and stop seeking.  I believe that is our purpose.  But taking care of ourselves is OK, too.  In fact, I believe we have an obligation to do so or we cannot be of service to others.  Emily Bingham’s recent blog on Spirituality & Health gives reminders of the simple ways we can take care of ourselves and our health.  Don’t take yours for granted; too many no longer can.

“The first wealth is health.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson


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